Hey! We are Rabbi Shimey and Etty Wilhelm. We moved to Lake Oswego in 2020 with our kiddos Menachem and Rosie to create a center for everything Jewish in Lake Oswego. We love our family and living in the Pacific Northwest. Between packing lunches for our kids and folding laundry, we are obsessed with the Oregon trails and love hiking and having fun as a family. 


Rabbi Shimey grew up in Portland and has traveled the world to engage with Jewish communities. He has traveled to Poland, Slovakia, Mexico, and Taiwan and spent over six weeks traveling through rural Australia, connecting Jews to their heritage. Rabbi Shimey studied in New York, Israel and finished his Rabbinical degree in Los Angeles. When not dreaming of ways to inspire and connect, he can be found playing music, picking up new hobbies or going out for coffee with our Jewish friends in Lake Oswego. 


Etty grew up in Brooklyn, New York and attended Beth Rivkah High School before studying abroad in Israel. She spent a year in New Mexico assisting the Jewish community there while getting her degree in early childhood education. Etty is passionate about empowering other women to learn healthy movements and workouts during their pre & postnatal period and loves that Oregon has so much natural beauty to offer with breathtaking hikes and the like. 

We are passionate about making a home for all the Jewish folk here in Lake Oswego. We are excited to offer a diverse range of programming, events and classes to meet the needs of our community. Our holiday events are filled with fun, good vibes, and great food and are a fantastic way to celebrate holidays as a community. We love hanging out at the local Starbucks, chatting with locals and getting to know the Jewish community. We would love to connect with you, and we are so excited to be here building a vibrant Jewish community in Lake Oswego.